the party

the party is going to be non smoking.huh. that’ll show em.they’ll have to smoke outside in the cold.

so nice to see ie

so nice to see ie!!!he just drove me home from the mtg. ad was there had a good smoking convo. ugh. she is good for me though. cause i think we smoked for the same reasons. hmm. i am a bit nervous about today and not having a car to do all this shit.i’ll figure…
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everyone is home

everyone is home or enroute. feel very good. had a nice visit with hil. talked to ns and now organizing for tomorrow. cant hardly figure out what to do first!clean redecorate cook paint …..should be fun. i feel so clear as to what is really going on now. i am just having feelings and they…
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awesome cords

nice day. woke up – borrowed ch’s car got some groceries…well coffee stuff. then ab came and got me and we went to 3 and g , didn’t stay. talked to redhaired alison. and colby. then we went to the 11 45 meeting. laren was there so was owen….hmmmm. then ad rs ab and lele…
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weird evening

what a weird evening. went to bed at 8. woke at 3ish. watched tv etc. went back to bed . ? sooo confused. weird odd feel very disillusioned with things. certain things. other things are good. i am just trying to figure out what is really going on

my g-damned book

sign my godamned gbook please. am sitting home , sat eve. dinner at the indian place. yum. ch is here. guess where? i just went to the video store and rented a few videos- funny thing- i have not done that in years…years LITERALLY link to my old g-book-wow


listening to hm . i dont think i can get sick of this cd ever. his lyrics kill me. they are so good. cause much emotion in me. will paint and draw and write all weekend. and cook.

installed a guest book

i installed a guest book….please sign it. i need stuff to do. i ‘m bored. what can i write about? how about how i came here; well after traipsing about central america and mexico and colorado and asia attempting trying to find myself and the perfect “high”( at the same time?)..i ended up overdosing on…
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state of reflection

some how i find myself in a state of reflection and need of change. i want to be in la but i want more frommy relationships. i want to be in a place where work is steady and fun. where i am happy about the jobs i ahve and the money iss flowing in ,…
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put up a new kind of format with a bio on myself?whatever i am just trying to occupy myself. think i’ll clean