feel inspired to work

dont really feel like going anywhere this am. but i guess i should. hmm. feel inspired to work . just checked out a bunch of super cool sites and i wnt to try new stuff now. later i will. weird dreams. was going on vacation with mj and ie to hawaii..but i was pissed cause…
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hmm. finally saw mj . came and met me at dinner. he seems ok. off to bahamas for 2 weeks. feel kinds yucky right now. want to have tea and read. but i must work. for a bit.

how sweet and brotherly

JG, will be starring in the WB’s “GloryDays” wednesday feb 9th at 9 pm. sg sent me an email in regards to this . how sweet and brotherly. awesome fun good dinner party last night…who knew.? i was able to hang out with a 6 yr old the whole time… and i dont mean ie….
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bw just came over

bw just came over. went through a bunch of photos and talked about art show. logistics . finn came by too. he is perhaps the nicest person i ever came across. ever. very gentle. i had lunch w/ mjk and ie after i picked up the girlls in the new ride….so nice to feel the…
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test driving

i am test driving a car!!! yeah. i am soo excited . a volov v70 xcountry. working all week. with a car. wow.

have babies and eat fruit

sd w/ ns and hil -lots of people there. crowded. sat with ad and jg. sex in the city with j and e . nice mellow eve. too much food though. full. lala and coleycole are back. mjk called -hes back tomorrow . on my run today i kept having flashes of things i want…
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great weekend.

went to virgin in the am with jg.then to breakfast with ie etc. then yoga and alittle work.ch came by in the eve. we fooled around on his website then he took me to dinner…at the indian place. very nice to be arounnd him. sometimes it is easier to be with someone when there is…
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excellent fun good loving -funnyass evening. ns picked me up -went to mjk’s and picked him up- then to ie’s…then to rodeo a few kids’stalked’ mjk..one in a toolshirt. odd vibe.good mtg. then we wnet mjk’s and ate bread and cheese and grapes and laughed at mjk and eddie play off each other and mjk…
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