world around seems odd

world around seems odd. good-odd. – as though i am enlightened or on drugs or sumthing. anyway, its all weird and tones of love and undertones of awareness and shifts in relationships that are so slight yet completely obivious to me. all good. a bit nerve racking at times, but good.

Still weak

monday still weak..went to dinner and les duex. tuesday went to whatever…met ch and left.and .went to his house and drank tea and stuff.i bought him a honey bear and some half half and he was so was very sweet.ramn to the mtg this am. had a lovely breakfast with ie and ad and…
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ran twice today

so tired. ran twice today and worked and spoke – saw mp..looks very good. he came to ch to ‘see” me-fun, we had lunch..dward joined us too. went running and then worked again and had dinner with rr jg and solo? then met mjk – tea etc. then went to the movies?? yep. i went…
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