easter 2002

weekend easter…going to malibu for lunch etc and speaking at 6 30 . spent the night with ch and the met e at three and g . hate that meeting. well… i dont hateit.. i just think it isnt for me.


mom here. .went to lunch with ns . then shopping. last night we went to rodeo. good. cept i felt very emotional due to menstrual situation. ch was alright.not overly nice to me . i got fed up last night. i was at dinner and everyone was giving me a hard time…why didnt i ever…
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mom is here

mom is here. good. she is staying with me… mjk is off to arizona.i am teaching though still..at the loft. ran this am. felt good as i havent run in days. dont know if i should go to ps or not.dont feel too much like it but it could be fun for a day. rodeo…
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ok so this week has been extrodinarry. monday 60 days off cigarettes. ch was so sweet at the mtg. (rare) then to dinner with charlie finn and ns2 and jo. then to meet mjk at les duex..bad there bad scene. tuesday was good. i had so much fun with ch tues eve, we went for…
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