jauna’s addicione

tonight jauna’s addicione….yeah. im psyched. dave’s bday at midnight.should be fun . dont know if ill go to the after party. i may be beat. who knows. it’s just great to be going andnot have to figure out what to do for newyears.

feel very close

feel very close to connection with universe. odd time right now(when is it NOT an odd time in my life??!!) feel slike i’m living in a spiritualized song.cried today, finally. feel sensitive to others energy-know i need to do something different. am scared of thinking about the new year, must follow my instincts though. yoga.

christmas 2002

christmas 2002 is officially over . i’m so grateful for all the people aropund me this xmas. and for all the events that are helping me to see who i have become. i have grown out of so many of my old patterns(thank g-d) db came over as a late night santa , wirth presents…
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odd not having cole around. i miss her alot..even when she was here..she felt like she wasnt..really here.i dunno. changes shifts always. spiral in out.whatever. i am feeling like i am in the divine oder of my life right now. let go of control all the time. it will (IS) working out for me..perfectly. i…
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nice am

nice am. woke went to ie’s hung with erwin and cat(oops forgot his name) then up to mjk’s to hang with those cats and fish. then to lc ..left as i have heard the speaker before.went to meet rf and her italian diver boy/man. at urth. then home . got the garage cleaned out finally…
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nice morning

nice am. woke went to ie’s hung with erwin and cat(oops forgot his name)then up to jk’s to hang with those cats and fish.then to lc ..left as i have heard the speaker before.went to meet rf and her italian diver boy/man.at urth. then home . got the garage cleaned out finally (3 years later!!)…
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campfreddie this eve

campfreddie this eve.umm. well . it was fun. i danced alot. ahmet was great.he sang ‘feel like making luv.”so awesome. bereal was there. sang rocksupahstar. very cool. also nika costa.more tomorrow..im too tired

see my life

i see my life quite clearly right now. i amno longer upset about cole. i am fullof love and forgivness both for me and everyone else. i know i am not a bad friend ’cause i have never showed up or been as present as i have been for someone as i have in the…
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odd quiet weekend

odd quiet weekend. woke sat and went met z at virgin with jam. then coffee and took jam to therapy. then met rf and her italian hottie , then to work till 1 30. then to see solaris with my husband. good . then swingers with df and mw. then movies at home. worked on…
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evrything seems weird and sad. spent the day w/jam and z and they are both devasted. so i took on some of this..also cole is very over me. aparently i have been a really bad friend and she feels hurt and angry at me. nothing i can do.oh well..i guess no party this eve,i cant…
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open letter to myself

open letter to myself: how blessed r u? being able to hang out with the awesome loving fun people i do..and have a great home for me and my husband..and have a great car and be able to have people over for dinner (like this eve)and go to a party and leave and go to…
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