my gawd!

ive werked all day! a miracle, and nothing short ive entertained myself to nooo end, also. i cant believe how dumb some people either ARE or think i to lead them on to think you belive their lies.


india Originally uploaded by acanadian. pictures of ganges at sunrise asnd sundown.from a boat on the river and then looking at the river from the burning ghats. varanasi india im so cool


i am going to finish editing dloh’s bday present. i swear.everytime i start though, i get so caudght up in learning Finalcut and motion and all the freaking cool shit i can do..then i get all caught up in the dogs cuteness..i am easilydistracted, wouldnt you say?

my celebrity crushes

i live in a town where all the famous people either live or pass through on very regular basis. i am a non famous ,canadian girl; i get star struck and have a few crushes on famous guys..becuase of their public swhere it gets interesting( or not) i live literally in the center oflos…
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Neighbourhood Watch

remember that song ontom waits-mule…The one where he’s got saws and shit in the background..and he keeps saying “what is he doing over there..?” .. well

eddie and lynn

wow. E and ls are having a boy!!!!(baby,that is) john kelly will be the name. friday night and im frickin partying. in my yoga stuff still.( read:sweats) watching a mandy moore movie on HBO ( just finished watching Degrassi ..) i know im a little wack when i watch a mandy moore movie and the…
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breakfast/lunch at swingers

just had breakfast/lunch at swingers w/ dloh ..which was nice ..but just as we were leaving= fj called and d handed me the fone…i was all excited to say hi and trick him -as i havent seen him for a long long time…but it seems he doesnt care much for me anymore. not happy to…
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oh yeah..weird part..driving home, kroq is on,,,and they playing this goofy song , that i thought was primus for a minute…but guess who?f’s band..that i have NEVR ever heard on the radio. not once.the universe is weird.and im over all of it.