its crazy

its crazy how i feel right now. fuckin wild. i havent felt this sort of energy in years. i feel so lost.

camera to my eye

its sunny. its soooooooo nice. i feel light again- holy shit weather realy really depresses my system..if LA keeps having vaancouver-esque going to have to go further south..But today its all perfect for me. minus powerbook failure. more on this later. much potential work on the horizon…waiting to find out on a few from…
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tipping point

is this irony or freakiness or what ? out of the kazillion things i’ve thought of since..say, last saturday…my ex boyfriend, Joel fitz , has been on my mind ..t just random thoughts thunk; probably because ive been chatting with lc of late and it got me thinking to way back when we met (…
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reset the pram

my G5 wont start. i may kill . i ran software update slast night . restarted…grey screen… apple logo……spinning …then the fan starts wheezing…revving higher and higher…( ive NEVER HAD A PROBLENM W/ THE FAN SOUND ETC) so i did all fixes i could think of: reset the pram .. started up from startupdisk w/c…
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worst ever?

the worst feelings for me:: being lied to …and knowing it at the point the lie is being told. being angry at people that dont deserve your energy being misunderstood, and/or misinterpreted calculated meanness masked as thoughtlessness/laziness being condescended to (s’that proper?) being lied to- and knowing it as it happens….or did i say that…
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fighting rage

i have been fighting rage all day-Everything is causing me to feel so much anger – Really stupid shit -my cousin upstairs-people knocking on the door-my phone ringing-driving-parking-work OH yeah..AND once again… my stupid choices for friends.. how many times do i get given the same situation till i see it before i get bit??…
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wide AWAKE

i am wide AWAKE so early again its bizarre.i have many things i could be doing, but im looking through design magazines(not, interior stuff)josh ( upstairs neigbhour)fixed my electricity last night!i have had the worst faulty outlets since moving to this place in 1999. now not only can i turn lights on via their…
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