neighbours are hot

my life is weird. or more accuretly, i guess, life in general, is weird. i live below 2 army rangers. as in US army special forces , both veterans of the war. They are little boys, in that they are 22 and 23. they are both my friends. Jf is like my brother. tonight a…
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spazmatics fun i gave d my camera he got some pics from on onstage. Brought La, and she, of course.. was sooo awesoem..they sart playing like a virgin..and i said GO Up n Dance.(kinda kidding..,mostly just hoping she’d do this: .., knowing full well she’s the only person i know who could pull that shit…
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AOL Eavesdrops

Thrashing Through Cyberspace: AOL Eavesdrops, Grants Itself Permission To Steal Your AIM Conversations BRUTAL

re: the eels

i really really love this .damn. this is the last question from an VH1 interview with Mark Oliver Everett(“E” of the eels) “VH1: Finish this sentence, “E was the blank of his generation.” E: The Orson Welles of alternative music. And Shootenanny was clearly his Citizen Kane. Someone has to say it and I don’t…
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how to find me?

a few examples of searches that brought people to my site.. hmmm. dinner parties for swingers sex BSDM – taintme comes up as the 5th and 3rd . sheesh.. scared of the dentist rnice girlls hitthis meaning of selfcentered mini-slut iranian skiiers a.v.n. awards 2005 skateboarding hair for boys weird art peice exhibisionist these ones…
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The most deeply seated instinct

The most deeply seated instinct in us is our craving for experience. And that is why the efforts of the Utopians to make life a perfect routine always arouses subconscious revolt in the spirit of man.” © Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiendi concur

laurel canyon awesome ness

IMG_0003 Originally uploaded by acanadian. took from the car whilst driving( dl was driving, i was passenger side)so, from this ..i can tell u :A) my camera is awesomeandB) laurel canyon is the best