fuck you

its my birthday today and my dads anniversary. it used to make me sad in a bad way , but not anymore . now, im just reflective and aware and appreciative .oh..and a bit angry.But in a goodway..like : ‘clear out mutherfckers..i dont need your badass attitude today, thank you very much’ My dad used…
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Actors search for rejection

“Actors search for rejection. If they don’t get it they reject themselves.” this quote was in the text of some spam that tricked me this am… But fuck..i love it.simple all encompassing truth. thanks spam machine


very nice day. super simple, but great.after minor issues at house,went to j’s to go over some artwork he’d done. had a great visit.the new dog is sooo fucking awesome and quiet and sweet.shitthen b came home we went for lunch ..greenblatts( after sitting at he 101 and talking about the pastrami..we promptly drove acrooss…
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life is washing over me

life is washing over me like a warm wave in the tropics..i feel very still and like there is stuff going on around me that is moing fast and i dont need to participate in.went to canada for the weekend with cs. fun. stayed at the sutton place hotel saw mom she came and got…
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help stop war

i am sick and sad. it seems lame to be upset over what i’m upset over- but i am. i am just fucking tired of this shit . i dont do many great things on a day to day basis- or in my life, in general… but i know one of my most valuble and…
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Direct to you , from my past..

Fd arrived last night, havent seen him in a few years… he’s still super gorgeous..more so even? i dunno.But its really nice to have him here- he’s a reaaly good person, i forget how little were when we were together. I feel like im a bit harsh around him, this morning, though. i have a…
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tonight was extra fun- everyone went to cochella or vegas- which meant extra room to dance .and less assholes..went w/ aj…her bff Devcame with, he’s really kewl. like talking to him about nerdy stuff.girls from friday eve came, also.