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All Forces  » Blog Archive  » Ghost Email: What a fantastic, simple in your face solution for my massive unbelievable jump in  spam density , of late.(since tiger , actually .and the “new’ improved’ mail app..yeah right.)but this ghost mail solution is perfect , for meHOW TO:..if you have a domian..or 2 ..( or 28)…
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whats fair and what’s not fair…well this is something i definetly dont have a market stronghold on, but i definetley have strong feelings about.i have thought of writing about this particular dilemma many times, the holding off aspect was because i kept thinking “they” would make good on their word and i would feel foolish.then…
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i am so overwhelmed with the lack of work in my world. its paralyzing for me.i dont know what to do with myself except open up old files and obssess  on changing fonts and scripts in sites untouched/seen in ages.werkwerk werk werk werk i need now.going to shower and meet dloh at swingers get airconditioner…
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i was introduced to ‘acid’ at 13. i hadn’t a clue what it was, but the day i had my braces off,my bestfriend Sheila and i decided to’celebrate’ and  embark on a new life.. we were going to become skater girls.( my first of many reincarnations ..) We had a walkman with a tape of…
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actual headlines.

i am easily amused.Actual newspaper headlines:(from     * Something went wrong in jet crash, experts say    * Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers    * Safety Experts say school bus passengers should be belted    * Drunk gets nine months in violin case    * Survivor of siamese twins joins parents …
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guess what im watching?

first person to email me ( via comments) gets a killer presant from my trip. “on the run from johnny aint no trip to cleavland.”

MTV ‘n’ MSN for your generation.

MTV ‘n’ MSN, sittin in a tree (ass)k-i-s-s-i-n-g(eachother and allother mean dumb unfair stupid stupids) first comes love then comes marraige then come homogenization af everything how suckass is this message from laM(e)TV, which i receive using safari 2.0 Detecting OS…In order to offer a broad selection of full-length music videos on-demand and free of…
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