6 degrees of newmodelarmy

the title means nothing. it just sorta combines the spackling of thoughts and stuff that flew through my life today. So you should probably stop reading right now , unless you’re sooo bored that u think u can handle the crazy train im on this am – this post is going nowhere…but im doing an…
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the end of the world?

[imagebrowser id=6]These pics Taken on jf’s blackberry , of strange flying light machines over mullholland at about 730 tonight. C’mon…..what is really going on ? Technorati Tags: fuckinEh, hollywood, neighbours, weird

what is the best ever?

music is. best ever. 01-music-is-love it trumps every other bestever everytime. bestever food, boys. .friends boyfriends..and anything … EVER. it is so awesome, that i wish i could crawl into some songs and just live there. ”where’s allison living these days? oh she’s moved to that peter gabriel song , somewhere in us or your…
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daily downside

breakfast w/d at ihop was a surprisingly nice start to a productive day … But,to be fair to my recent pessimistic nature, i must give precedence to bad news (sorry): After my hearty all-american ihop breakfast of a bacon cheese burger,  i (as a canadian and former vegitarian ) was forced to became  aware of …
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head is slowing being removed

….from my ass.i had fun lasnight. went to d’s and hungot w/ c. website stuff. feels good to be of service. started to feellike there is some order in my chaos. must continue with the organizing of thoughts and shit. and if i havent mentioned this of late, i love thefoofighters Technorati Tags: direction, flake,…
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random cute boys

k.FINALLY got up and went to lc this am.had breakfast with the cute boy. hmmm.rejuvenating and inspiring (to get me to more of these morning meetings) feel kinda hungover today. going to an engagement party for dr and c. have no real idea who will be there..as in :who i will know. feel nervous, but…
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just got off the phone w/ nb, she got a new s. wow. my feelings weren’t even hurt. i just helped where i could. told her to pray to whoever she thought was out there to help her get through this perod.i am so glad i made an amends to her. feel helpful . took…
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la style

just got back from brkfast w/many versions on cuteboys. very intresting -had a great visit with A

this morning

lc2 this am . ajp met me there ; it was just like oldtimes(last week?) went to urth for coffee. lak met us there. feel kinda exhausted-as dog and neighbours woke me up at 4 & 5 am. n was just here going over the site. no content yet.just design stuff. fine with me. i…
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talking to my cousin on the phone; he is so great. i’m so happy we are connecting these days. when we were little we hated eachother. i even have teeth marks on my back from him biting me…we were in the same class all through school and he was a bit geeky..and i was a…
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such insight

i had some mistaken thoughts today. i think i have them alot. i get an idea in my mind and because i think about it so much, i believe it to be true. anyway, today it was this: living here is a bit like being in highschool. you can be cool and popular one day…
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