imma git sheet dun

hmm. i feel weird. ( when do i ever not, eh?) i can definetley trace its roots today, though. Its all this shit flying up since i decided that I would reorganize my financial and ‘responsibilty” style. As in: take a good, hard (scary) look at everything that comes in and goes out- and remove…
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wait…. im on james freys side now

The other night, i randomly….no..not randomly-i forgot: random doesn’t exist … anyway..i guess i was ‘drawn’ to turn the tv on  , at an odd hour – and guess what (who)? was on Oprah ‘confronting’ the most recent blahged about topic here(and everywhere)  james frey.  The thing that struck me,  is that oprah ,  seems…
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a million little pieces : published embellishment

Or “how James frey Stole My Future husband” You see..when that shit book originally came out- and everyone was raving about (and buying) James Freys :

“ .. shattering, beautiful memoir, A Million Little Pieces,”

Basically , i saw it as being personally dream- jacked

what will it take?

to become a fucking awesome person that is super rich in every aspect of the term rich? well, first lets look at the assininity of timepassers that hold us locked outside of the great world of plenty…how manytimes a day do you find yourslef pondering ~ “what do you call male lady bugs?” or ”…
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im crafty

yes indeed.lets kick some bass behind closed doooors. i remember being in grade nine, during springbreak..i was in whistler, at my parents-with a few girls staying w/ us for the vacation..there was also a group of boys, staying down the street with the dewolfes…This song..actually whole album, reminds me of being freezing cold, drinking…
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different this year

its going to be different this year. Really. I’m almost finished writing out my manifesto or whatever gayness you’d call it. sort of the overview of what lastyear was( and wasnt) and what this year will be . d s making fun of the fast that both he w and i had such old person…
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yesterday, unbeknownst to me..was aholiday?so due to that fact…and cause i was getting over being sick-i kinda had a free day. it felt like a professional day from school…All kickass open obligation free-timmmmeee..yes. I decided id try out some stuff i had left sitting in wait for a long while…so being the new year and…
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