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IMGP0359.JPG Originally uploaded by creelman. while home,i had sunday dinner at marilyn & wayne’s: with franco , darin, sarah and ava, mia and a few of her friends.. It makes me realize a few key things: a) i grew up in a beautiful ..( STUNNING ), and b) i grew up with some amazing people,…
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spam nuggets

Mingle with right thoughts and you will know what people to mingle with for right relationships.” 1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle, # 371

not sexy.

listen to post’s theme song** note to boys : making the first move- is infinetly way sexier than being a ‘gentleman’ ..and being kinda urgent and pushy about it..even sexier.* .PLEASE KNOW THIS ..a slight shove…pushing me against the wall? done…… it’s on.* i m there. Its simply just one , quick..overwhelming fell swoop of…
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