wow. wordpress is an open market for thieves.

150 bucks to ftp files for you? dude ill undercut them..i ll do it for a triple latte or frozen yogurt. UPDATE*** upon further reading i see these genius’s are offering a far far better deal than i once thought … its a monthly SPECIAL!! 2 payments of 225 dollars and you get not only…
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depressed moody etc.

So it only took me like twenty jesus-F-ing years to discover what could be some of my MOST favorited music…
embarrassing part: all of it has been RIGHT infornt of me.
Let me right infront of me , i mean, yes-this is all older music ..and it’s been out there, in the world for years..
BUT  i mean it literally:

Much much more than a fellin’

Wow. ┬áToday , after a lovely long sleep, I started cLeaning the shit out of my house, and my life which includes, but is not limted to:my house, my car, my comptuer(s) ,and my external HD’s…And this lands me in the trench of lost itunes folders.. folders into folders into folders Jesus mac what a…
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me, originally uploaded by creelman. Me by me. Gay? ok. but kinda cool…right?