great day. jlh and i had an awesome talk about fears and levels of reality. how it is all not real.
slept in abit- worked on ritas site. ch came over . fun. went to ameeting in the valley. funny.you go over mullhulland and it could be antwhere in the midwest or canada. fucking weird.. lots of acid wash that is not gucci “80’s” retro chic.
went to ie’s to say bye bye to jlh. then to hotelcafe to hear ch’s friend jason play. he was amazing. trully enjoyable with an awesome voice and a girl playing violin. colby and debrah were there. funny.
colby is the last person i dated and debrah is ch’s ex. they are a couple now. how insestious is that????
almost done smoking. see kerry gaynor on tuesday.
jo’s bday tomorrow…party at minnies house.alexandra is staying there.should be fun.
maybe ch will come. be interesting.
miss hil. she’s working on some video for what feels like forever.