[box type=”warning”]DISCLAIMER: i am about to do ‘back when i started blogging” thing..but its not meant to be (completely)condescending or territorial..just regretful observatory and speculative[/box]

taintme.com began as an anonymous venting ground for me , circa 1999/2000- as i was quitting smoking and needed an outlet for my horrible thoughts- –
Back then-blogging was really truly small and sorta secretive loser-fish community. i didn’t know one single other person (in the flesh, that is; i knew online people)-who wrote online or had a’blog’*…But now:its a totally different ‘thing’ , this blogging is. Lots and lots of people i know and am related to even, write online.. i wonder sometimes, what the hell i could have done with mine – had i had foresight or motivation.. oh well. i love it still. the outlet is irreplaceable and over time taintme has become my secret soapbox, private journal, crush keeper, gossip outlet and theraputic-confidant. its the most consistent ritual I’ve had in my adult life. a few interesting facts :

    this blog has caused me:

  • – Shame and total embarrassment,(separately and multiple instances of both)
  • – to lose friends, to get a job- to lose a job ( no dooce )
  • – to get a date, ( 1…and it sucked)
  • – to get closer to family members, re-connect with childhood friends and
  • – to establish some awesome friendships ….

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