from the vault


in lieu of writing anything of substance I’ll be  picking and posting pictures I’ve taken encapsulate the essence of what i may have posted, if i were , in fact going to post. Which  clearly i dont do anymore.

john hughes


The Breakfast Club: ‘its sorta social….Demented and sad….But Social” i have been using a paraphrased vs of that quote  -to  describe /define various situationships – since seeing that movie at ? 12? other person: ‘ was the dinner last night?’ me:  ‘ahh..demented and sad…..but social’ One of my only perfect memory snapshots from that  bizarre blip of…
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As im sinking..

i m looking for something to encapsulate what this feels like. i am slow and methodical . Not reaching or needy like. Just like when you wake up after having finally slept a full nights sleep and you cant really focus on the inside ..just yet …what day is it? where am i?. what..? ..all…
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m suggested for my recent posts’ It’s kinda awesome ( & appropriate?)

You Got Me


BEFORE READING : To trully appreciate this post’s full dramtic effect-ive added enhancing mood music-just press play ) play post theme song “A lie, by omission or directly fabricating .. leads people to decide other than they would, had they known the truth,It harms their human dignity and autonomy.It is believed that to value…
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dear. well it seems that by allowing myself to forget what motivates the masses around these parts.. i got tricked again. and i really thought i was past the naive stage. fuck

spam-awesomeness #3909

perhaps insomnia- perhaps not- but it made me laugh aloud: My name is Phoenix, I know you from the World Trade Net.{the where??} I am much appreciated your treasurable time to view my bellowing mail Bellowing is what got me. what a lovely word. i wonder if the translation software used to create these is…
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funny mormons

Sweet Baby Jesus She is Funny: Read her commentary/response after reading this little nugget of religious right-on-ness from “Though nowadays, we not only have to accept people’s choice to be gay, we have to celebrate and encourage them. Before we know it, it will be pedophiles and heroin addicts as the lovable heroes of…
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