john hughes

The Breakfast Club:

its sorta social….Demented and sad….But Social”

i have been using a paraphrased vs of that quote  -to  describe /define various situationships – since seeing that movie at ? 12?

other person: ‘ was the dinner last night?’

me:  ‘ahh..demented and sad…..but social’
One of my only perfect memory snapshots from that  bizarre blip of a beautiful period** in my life, is  from the afternoon after seeing  The Breakfast CLub .

man. what a strong moment :muggy white summer sky- 12 years old laying flat on a big orange and blue trampolines,  a mashup of  lacoste shirts,  swatch watches x3 on each of our  pastie wrist-..and our minds were being blown and our braces filled teeth  frothing out    emotional inspired resolutions .. revelations…of what just happened in the movie and what it meant for us..there.. in west vancouver in june on a trampoline… an epic moment  still so clear in  my now weary weathered faded mind …. the first  stir of  some-yet unidentified feeling .. swirling rushes of so much awesomeness.. . of impending adventures…excitement beyond our scope of articulation: of independence..of rebellion a sense of hope


Thank You   John Hughes-so much.

**almost-teen, pre-potsmoke/parent-liquor-stealing-shitmix-drinking/jaded-but-not-really-just-sheltered-and-just-realizing-what-is-and-what-could-be-but-before-understanding-what-will-never-be’

Me circa Breakfast club/Ferris Bueller era.

each of these movies told me, that :
The Breakfast Club = i am  going to have  experiences and friends that will be like no others ever again-: and to reap the adventure from within  the chaos that is highschool – –
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- Being Popular is to be The fun executor- not exludor-
Some Kind of wonderful-  told me he’ll notice me..someday.and i   deserve  the proper romantic ending -just like watts.


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  1. Hey Allison… I’m Mo, friends of your Mum’s. I chatted with her yesterday on the way down to YVR to see tool…she seems upset AGAIN!! Your Mum’s an awesome gal, it seems you two always have something to try and square away, just sending my mojo and kudos in hopes all goes well. Concert was alright – seemed everyone was a bit tense. All the best, maybe one day we’ll meet, in the meantime, I’ll keep an eye and an ear on yer Mum :)

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