poor customer handling

i work online- i test all kinds of software- i love to search for new and better and cooler apps – so , generally, i am very aware of what’s available and useful in the new app dept..: both for free and for pay, and due to general awesome-ness in open-source stufff..it is a rare…
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The Doggie Lamma

I am so devasted by the death of the doggie Lamma-aka-Helmie- the helmunster…. …so sad that i havent been able to write a post about him and aboout how he affected me- i cant even really do it now.. but here’s an attempt: Helmie and i met during one of my saddest periods in life…and…
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i’m Breaking up with lifehacker

to this here website,(taintme)-The lifehacker.com site been the absolute fav/bestEver/ go-to site -barnone. A source of much  inspiration , frequent reblogging and general nerd/hack awesomeness …I’ve found projects that spoke to the hybrid nerd in me ..projects i would actually carry out- start to finish…The site filled a gap that is/was extremely specific to my…
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john hughes

The Breakfast Club: ‘its sorta social….Demented and sad….But Social” i have been using a paraphrased vs of that quote  -to  describe /define various situationships – since seeing that movie at ? 12? other person: ‘Al..how was the dinner last night?’ me:  ‘ahh..demented and sad…..but social’ One of my only perfect memory snapshots from that  bizarre blip of…
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love letters from spam

i felt momentarily touched …as if i were special, when i received*** the sweet message below from an admirer: Hey am Alice,i came across your profile now when i was brousing the internet, and you really freakm me, My dear, i decided to contact you. i really want to have a good friendship with you….
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letter to you,

you told me i should make something of this, of my site, that i really “had” something.Thanks. it was a really cool thing for you to say. and i appreciate your input. the thing is, that day, when you told me that , that i should do something with this, i really wanted to talk…
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But your life was one long emergency

@dannylohner reminded of one the best twisted love songs ever : “Princess cards she sends me with her regards barroom eyes shine vacancy, to see her you gotta look hard..” ( see lyrics here- amazing):