poor customer handling

i work online- i test all kinds of software- i love to search for new and better and cooler apps – so , generally, i am very aware of what’s available and useful in the new app dept..: both for free and for pay,

and due to general awesome-ness in open-source stufff..it is a rare day i cant find a an openssource/free app for most situations -but when i come acrossa new paid app that looks cool,i usually try it- only to find after the free trial, that the opensource vs is as great if not more useful..if it proves awesome – and useful..i will buy a liscence.

But the  one area i have been hard pressed to find  an app -whether free or paid , that fits all my needs, ..is email –

by default mac mail is what ive used the last few years- ..i find it tiresome and underwhelming – ive also tried thunderbird on and off but it always feels too heavy-

and the other options are few and far between..

and so when i came across postbox, last year, i was elated-.

the program had all the things i thought i was looking for in an email program:

add ons( like extensions in safari/firefox)

a beautiful look..

and upon some digging- a plan that seemed to be rooted in all things community minded ,open-source and user friendly-so i started to test it -while in beta-and then  in August 2010, after careful deliberation and quite literally YEARS of searching for some email app peace-of-mind…I bought a liscence for  postbox- believing i was investing in a likeminded developers app..

Unfortunetly: i was wrong.

postbox is a sham- shame:

While they def. have a good product in the making-their handling of customers is atrocious.

after owning postbox for one month, they upgraded the app… awesome right?

…not really- as they asked for another payment, if you wanted to keep the liscence ( bought 31 days prior)

so i emailed them- describing my frustration at the policy, but also letting them now i was also enjoying their product and would gladly pay for upgrade -after a reasonable amount of developemnet and time… – this was met by an email from ceo  justifying paying them again so soon- written, in my opinon, in a very condescending tone-

similar complaints were made on the forums, run by postbox- by many customers…and here is where as a company, postbox-inc, erred:

rather than address the negative feedvback over thier policy ( not their product), postbox chose to censor, and delete ,at their disgression, customer accounts and feedback..this  is disgraceful..and embarrassing.

please see this eloquent breakdown of the commentary and CEO Sherman Dickmans’, subjective and somewhat dishonest reasoning over why he is deleting users feedback…even deeming this comment

i received an email from postbox support over this issue-basically saying i paid the price of a pizza for their software- and basically seemed to be very condescending- regarding my perturbed-ness..over being asked to pay again three weeks later-

i am not out for revenge but more feeling like i would like a voice- after being deleted from thier forums and then having the CEO blatantly omit my side to other customers – terrible customer relations policy.

i think it is fair for me to have said on their community forums that i was angry that i was asked to pay for an upgrade for thier software- a month after buying it-

I think, as software developers hosting a community forum- supposedly for feedback: they should have addressed my comments-whether agreeing or not- but definetly not DELETING them and deeming them as abusive-