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i’ll be good..once

This video still makes me feel drunk.excellent work,

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Im very proud of my friends — and constantly awed by what they create .

I’m very proud of my friends — and i am constantly awed by what they create . (I have some pretty amazing friends) – – When they produce stuff independently & organically- i want to  unabashedly pimp them out… so here i am abhorring you to check   out the new movie and plethora of music […]

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Justice and Alex Courtes = AWESOME

Alex Courtes Directed Justice Video On N ON”

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music is the best (reprise)

i dont play any instruments- i CANNOT hold a tune.( but i do SING) regardeless..Music is the most valuable and powerful *thing* in my life- barnone-  has been since i was a kid- Music causes me the most joy and pain. Songs have the most poweful emotional tapping-in to my psyche…random radio songs make me […]

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Hockey Night

Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song- as performed by Rush Drummer,The Neal Pert.(Sure to please Heshers everywhere-   Hesher: Reebock-wearing, mulleted person in acid-washed jeans and a Judas Priest T-shirt who, at the age of 28, still lives in his/her parents’ basement and swears that he/she can really rock out on his/her Ibanez Stratocaster copy […]

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fuck off – canadian style..via the CBC

23 things, about this screenshot, strike me as FUNNY. One: the no-access,denial message , tempered ever so canadian-lly with : “Sorry Aboot That” and the other thing? being denied access to Canadian media / culture online, by none-other than the penultimate pushers of all things canadian-media related..the CBC. and the third item of humou, you […]

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massive attack red

      massive attack red Originally uploaded by creelman

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i LOVE these songs

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Beautiful Sunny Meloncholly Music words to The King of Carrot Flowers: the King of Carrot Flowers (Part One) When you were young You were the king of carrot flowers And how you built a tower tumbling through the trees In holy rattlesnakes that fell all around your feet And your mom would stick a fork […]

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Loose with the truth, baby it’s your fight…

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tv online/on your hdtv

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Massive Attack: AWESOME

MassiveAttack last night at the wiltern. It goes down as one of top 5 concerts,EVER

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“C” Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here) E.P. Widgets

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