music is the best (reprise)

i dont play any instruments- i CANNOT hold a tune.( but i do SING)

regardeless..Music is the most valuable and powerful *thing* in my life- barnone-  has been since i was a kid-

Music causes me the most joy and pain.

Songs have the most poweful emotional tapping-in to my psyche…random radio songs make me sad/meloncholly /grateful/excited.. in an instant..

And although the beastie boys werent the first to have this effect on me..They were definetly the first music i found my musical independance in..This was music completely detached and removed from my familys’ influence..

I was 13 when licensed to ill came out. i was learning  to PARTY.. out came that record… like in the same month.

mom your just jealous.IT’S THE BEASTIE BOYS.

i have the most amazing memory of spring break grade 9 – in whistler-  we all got drunk on shitmix and kokanee’s went to the arcade and smoked bensen and hedges..and listened to that record over and over. god it was fun.

thankyou mikeD MCA & Ad-Rock for all of it.
“Come on everbody ..lets Get fu….”