music is the best (reprise)

i dont play any instruments- i CANNOT hold a tune.( but i do SING) regardeless..Music is the most valuable and powerful *thing* in my life- barnone-  has been since i was a kid- Music causes me the most joy and pain. Songs have the most poweful emotional tapping-in to my psyche…random radio songs make me…
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But your life was one long emergency

@dannylohner reminded of one the best twisted love songs ever : “Princess cards she sends me with her regards barroom eyes shine vacancy, to see her you gotta look hard..” ( see lyrics here- amazing):  

thanksgiving 2.0 at the bar

So..last night , sitting on the deck , .at my friends amazing home in the canyon, looking at the hollywood sign.- whilst listening to neil sing “journey through time”.and it rained like i was back in vancouver- i found myself reflecting on Thanksgiving- ..and you know what…when you really think about it , it’s a…
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depressed moody etc.

So it only took me like twenty jesus-F-ing years to discover what could be some of my MOST favorited music…
embarrassing part: all of it has been RIGHT infornt of me.
Let me right infront of me , i mean, yes-this is all older music ..and it’s been out there, in the world for years..
BUT  i mean it literally:

m suggested for my recent posts’ It’s kinda awesome ( & appropriate?)

i am officially not procreating.

disclaimer: this is all bad..this fuckin music on tv……its not interesting..Nothing makes me feel like dancing or singing or screwing or however music has /should make one feel…i feel aghast. music my peers made. I know there are great musicians out there- making awesome stuff right now..but it sure as hell isnt making it to…
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im crafty

yes indeed.lets kick some bass behind closed doooors. i remember being in grade nine, during springbreak..i was in whistler, at my parents-with a few girls staying w/ us for the vacation..there was also a group of boys, staying down the street with the dewolfes…This song..actually whole album, reminds me of being freezing cold, drinking…
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