Im very proud of my friends — and constantly awed by what they create .

I’m very proud of my friends — and i am constantly awed by what they create .
(I have some pretty amazing friends) – – When they produce stuff independently & organically- i want to  unabashedly pimp them out…
so here i am abhorring you to check   out the new movie and plethora of music my friends have made …and if you love it ….buy it & support them…so they can keep creating :
All the new  awesome ness  is in the links below…

FROM PUSCIFER HQ: Lot of activity with Puscifer this week. Along with physical copies being released, several releases are up on iTunes. (If you’re anywhere near one of the last remaining Indie music stores, please pop your head in or give them a call on our behalf to check if they have any of these. And of course please thank them for their support.)
As an Independent project, we of course can use all the help we can get. Indie is hip and all, but it’s a constant fight for survival. So we thank you for your support.
Puscifer: “What is…” Film/DVD as well as the audio version/cd is released today.
This is in the iTunes MOVIES section under Music. Film:…/id766924005
For the skeptics, Here’s a link to the Trailer:
This FRIDAY (Yesterday) for Record Store day, the indie music scene is releasing “Puscifer – 8-Ball Bail Bonds: The Berger Barns Live Phoenix” on limited edition vinyl. Only 3500 units were produced. GO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RECORD STORE!!



A Perfect Circle also has a butt ton going on:
“Stone & Echo. Live at Red Rocks” VIDEO as well as the audio version. And Full album live recordings, Mer de Noms, 13th Step, eMOTIVe. These are live recordings of the albums start to finish.