fuck off – canadian style..via the CBC

23 things, about this screenshot, strike me as FUNNY.

the no-access,denial message , tempered ever so canadian-lly with :
“Sorry Aboot That”

and the other thing?
being denied access to Canadian media / culture online, by none-other than the penultimate pushers of all things canadian-media related..the CBC.

and the third item of humou, you will find in the comments below. seems someone is mad at something bigger than this post, i think.

et porqoui?
je pense ca must be some serious ass stealth canadian style content they are protecting, not fit for oootsiders eyes/ears..

2 thoughts on “fuck off – canadian style..via the CBC

  1. Are you stupid? That’s the same message that comes up no matter what company blocks a video. It’s on copyright grounds, it has nothing to do with it being “secret” or “Canadian” and it’s not funny at all. It says the exact same thing wether UMG blocks a song on copyright grounds or CBC blocks a video on copyright grounds.

  2. I may be stupid- not really a worry for me– but you? seems it bugs you, my stupididy-
    Or, maybe someone just got up on the wrong side of the internet today- regardless.. thanks for the SCHOOLING

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