The Doggie Lamma

I am so devasted by the death of the doggie Lamma-aka-Helmie- the helmunster…. …so sad that i havent been able to write a post about him and aboout how he affected me- i cant even really do it now.. but here’s an attempt: Helmie and i met during one of my saddest periods in life…and from the first tme we had eye contact: him looking up at me w/ his babydog eyes, and the pure joy he had ..whenever he saw me…saved my life- he loved me and NEVER faked he didnt.

never faltered from just wanting to “get small”

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and,in my life, when shitty was shitty – it was always helmie i wanted to see.
he made me feel loved. and i cant stand that i wont see him getting all small as he pranced down the walk when i got there…or the forlorn glances when i was leaving..

Helmut Lohner i love you and thank you dloh, for bringing helmut into my life.

One thought on “The Doggie Lamma”

  1. it’s always amazed me the profound affect animals have on us humans

    they never judge us or hold grudges against us and really do provide the only authentic form of unconditional love in the universe

    perhaps that’s why it hurts so much when they leave us…

    i’m truly sorry for your loss and thank you for this post…what a gorgeous creature he was

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