i’m Breaking up with lifehacker

to this here website,(taintme)-The lifehacker.com site been the absolute fav/bestEver/ go-to site -barnone.
A source of much  inspiration , frequent reblogging and general nerd/hack awesomeness …I’ve found projects that spoke to the hybrid nerd in me ..projects i would actually carry out- start to finish…The site filled a gap that is/was extremely specific to my personality type….( see here for a description…of the male vs of my type) This site was my golden ticket –Gina Trapina my willawonka -So , around a year and a half ago, when she…, Founder/Editor Gina ,handed over the rains, i was a little bummed..but still high on the few years of overindulgent fixes for my machack dependancy.. . i wasn’t that REALLY worried.. i mean it was the site …and i was intrigued- as the site had already become more a community feedback / multi-author depot- since it’s beginnings–mixing hardcore mac tweaks with google fixes and hand-crafted firefox addons.
I trusted the editor shift , as the new lifehacker flow that had been setup was starting to help me understand a lil about Ubuntu and even enjoying a little peecee knowledge, i was  inadvertantly picking up  –
But ..OFCOURSE as with all good things…..lifehacker was not to be as it had once been…slowly…..well not to me…in my hyper vs.-the shift was immeadiate..but regardless of my minds’ over-dramtization, a shift of heavy peecee leanings variety has taken place-
i noticed whenever i opened my feedreader..anticipating a daily project/fix/fact….i increasingly found myself feeling annoyed-as i was seemingly more-than-not greeted with “No New Posts” or posts tagged “Windows Only”

– at first i was second guessing myself- thinking/rationalizing my annoyance at my own sillines…Due to Gina’s over-indulgent mac favoritism…and i just needed to get used to the new editor’s balance of pc/mac posts…
but it has been well over a year since Gina handed it over- and although im sure there are many new lh fans and many old fans pleased-as-punch about the flavour shift… sadly- i am not one- and today, with a sad finger.. i finally hit my delete subscription button-because not only do i rarley get any subscribed feed updates(mac) – but this is the the last one i got , prior to hitting the FAIL button: