The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

“…demented and sadbut social“- John Bender

i have quoted that line as a means to  defining most of my social situationships )-  a million times since seeing the breakfast club at ? 12? 13??.
One of my most stirring sweet emo memories in my entire life is from that bizarre period of life… an ambling pre-teen edging the cliff just shy of of full blown teenager-dom..the precious moments in time when i could believe anything was possible just before i knew anything about kissing or pot smoking or drinking ..and the afternooon i saw The Breakfast CLub .
and wow. what a moment
muggy white summer sky- 12 years old laying flat on a big orange and blue trampoline,  a mashup of lacoste shirts,  swatch watch (x3 on each of our  pastie wrists)-.. our minds were blown and our braces filled teeth frothing out     emotional inspired revelations and resolutions .. what just happened in the movie and what it meant for us, there.. in west vancouver in june on a trampoline…it must be a big moment  to be this  clear in  my now weary  faded moments mind …

swirling rushes of so much awesomeness..

the first  stirring of  some-yet unidentified feeling .

of impending adventures…instilling excitement beyond our scope of articulation:

the first hint of independance..of rebellion
a sense of hope for who we would become.


Thank You   John Hughes for your huge contribution to my pre-teen sense of self …Your movies were the first  of  my  Best-Ever-moments.
This is some of the life lessons i garnered from your films :

The breakfast club :
i am  going to have  experiences and friends that will be like no others ever again-: and to reap the adventure from within  the chaos that is highschool –

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:
-Told me that Being Popular is about being The fun executor- not exludor- (*also when you steal your dads car -the odometer can’t be turned back- )

Some Kind of wonderful:
promised we  deserve  the proper romantic ending -just like watts.
this is me in the era i saw these movies ( bi level hair swatch op shorts lacoste shirt. keds. KILLING IT>
( annoyed at cousins and siblings)