funny mormons

Sweet Baby Jesus She is Funny: Read her commentary/response after reading this little nugget of religious right-on-ness from “Though nowadays, we not only have to accept people‚Äôs choice to be gay, we have to celebrate and encourage them. Before we know it, it will be pedophiles and heroin addicts as the lovable heroes of…
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The ocean

coupled with the people in the alley below me ( see pic) enyoying their china white. are keeping me up-

day off, sort of.

today i spent the better part of the day “off”, per se. in actual..the morning was not off.. i was dealing with the house and financial shit.. but around 2pm, a new friend came over and we kinda played hooky. super fun. went to venice for dinner walked the boardwalk after , got lattes and…
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View from home

IMGP0359.JPG Originally uploaded by creelman. while home,i had sunday dinner at marilyn & wayne’s: with franco , darin, sarah and ava, mia and a few of her friends.. It makes me realize a few key things: a) i grew up in a beautiful ..( STUNNING ), and b) i grew up with some amazing people,…
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spam nuggets

Mingle with right thoughts and you will know what people to mingle with for right relationships.” 1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle, # 371

not sexy.

listen to post’s theme song** note to boys : making the first move- is infinetly way sexier than being a ‘gentleman’ ..and being kinda urgent and pushy about it..even sexier.* .PLEASE KNOW THIS ..a slight shove…pushing me against the wall? done…… it’s on.* i m there. Its simply just one , quick..overwhelming fell swoop of…
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The picture up top, is birthday boy,Jack

..(momma lynn in back)he is two. I still l cant believe ie and ls are mom and dad. i mean they ARe really good at it.And really into it. But its weird. weirdly aweosme. and becuase i need to secure postion as the fun aunt, im bringing lots of treasures from canada And Jack, if…
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