the other side of this wall

the curse* of my life has changed. i ve found that in the last year my ability to feel safe and have a home has been removed from me –

my earning capacity is lo. i under chanrge for work that i do really well

and i don’t charge for jobs that should be paid for

so I’m here- sleeping in a friends extra room-full of intense, embarrassing fear; i don’t have anyone helping me – i can’t get my green card renewed – so im waiting for things to get way worse or to get miraculously better.

not to be dramatic but it feels dramatic. i don’t feel alone, i am surrounded with the most amazing friends and people i truly love and respect but personally i feel like im at a brick wall with no way through, no way over and no way around. BUT there must be a way around. just a slight turn of my head and ill see a path – a way to get to the other side.

*pun intended