anxiety vacuum

im completely thrown . i feel like i got sucked into an anxiety vacuum(?) and i have lost all my good thoughts. i was very grumpy w/mw last night. it just pisses me off when i feel like this and i dont know how to express it to anyone.i guess i sorta expect him to get it. or something.

but, then dloh lightened the load, by taking me for thai food and entertaining me with stories from vegas, where he was at the porn (A.V.N) awards then stayed an extra day to go to vince surgery guy from motley crues wedding.
how perfectly rawkstar…the stories were sooo funny to me.
just dloh tlee( whom he had leave me a msg …)
and nicky sixx…Yet d doesnt quite get a grip on his pull in that group. he’s like "i dont know why they all talked to me’ he REALLY doesnt understand .
its charming.

so other than that side swipe, i m in extreme LA lifestyle reflection.
Got xmas presents from jk yesterday. best presents i got all year FER SURE