back to this again

been trying to play around And finally put up portfolio links resume and tweaks to css on this site..but i never seenm to have
enough time to finish the layout before i have to werk fer real.
wo is me and mysite eh?
Anyway ..i have had the worst allergies EVER since thursday/friday..painful and fluish feelings .
respiratory system is bugging out.
stayed here in pjs almost all weekend.
quiet. boys upstairs went to vegas. its sunday tonight..woo-hooo
Dance party if i dont haveanother allergy attack.
Its scary..i actually feel like out of nowherr i can barely breathe.
Speaking losing breathe..i watched the classic work of art: The Bodyguard
this afternoon
thought i needed to see fluff after deadpoetssociety . Theres something awesomely great about that movie.