whats fair and what’s not fair…well this is something i definetly dont have a market stronghold on, but i definetley have strong feelings about.
i have thought of writing about this particular dilemma many times, the holding off aspect was because i kept thinking “they” would make good on their word and i would feel foolish.
then i realized one key  thing:
    i feel foolish alot & for far lesser things..
what i speak of is this;
i paid for a ‘gold’ account on blogrolling.
no big whoop, at all. the thing is though they are theives. they took my creditcard payment..and stole away the service they sold me.
i have no access to my “gold’blogroll account… and after repeated attempts to contact anyone /everyone linked to the support on the site… i have been given useless form letter responses and nothing more.
so fuck them.
i mean , come on. dont sell yourself as ‘still grassroots-y cutesy ‘ sites when you behave worse than msn or mac.
the thing is, i am not rich and i have tried my damdest to be a good thoughtful consumer when it comes to open source…If i love your service /app whatever ..i will fork over the 20-80 dollars..cause that’s the way it should be..but i ve been turned on my ear by this experience. i dont think i will use paypal or kagi as often . i think this is indicitive of the money grubbing in the myspace times we live… and as the saying goes: alls fair in love and step aside good-developers-of-open-source-radness..cause people like the liars running blogrolling are ruining it for you..its becoming increasingly less satisfying to pay when serialsurfer is dangling that other less expensive option ..that seems less and less immoral as the blogrolls go…