breakfast/lunch at swingers

just had breakfast/lunch at swingers w/ dloh ..which was nice ..but just as we were leaving= fj called and d handed me the fone…i was all excited to say hi and trick him -as i havent seen him for a long long time…
but it seems he doesnt care much for me anymore. not happy to hear m eon phone one bit.
it makes me feel awful. i think , from his tone he hates me,and the worst part, for me, is that i havent any idea why.
shit, its really upsetting me.i dont often understand people..or their motives..but usually when someone is that adverse after being so fun..i ll at least have an inkling as to why .
.i dont think i like being me right now
oh shit, i fucking hate this feeling.
especially when it someone i think is so rad and fun?