eddie and lynn

wow. E and ls are having a boy!!!!(baby,that is)
john kelly will be the name.

friday night and im frickin partying.
in my yoga stuff still.( read:sweats)
watching a mandy moore movie on HBO
( just finished watching Degrassi ..)

i know im a little wack when i watch a mandy moore movie and the love scene where the dudes throwing rocks at ther window makes me a little emotional.
im in need of some romance ..i ve never had the guy come out the dark and throw rocks at my window..
well at least not a guy i liked
i guess if i dont go out i wont get to meet anyone to do that ,eh?
the thing about going out here is it tends to be soooo lame for me.
just danceclubs that change weekly in their IN factor..
.i sound pathetic..but i dont care cause i ve nothing in my life to lose in the romance “potential” dept. even.