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What a fantastic, simple in your face solution for my massive unbelievable jump in  spam density , of late.
(since tiger , actually .and the “new’ improved’ mail app..yeah right.)
but this ghost mail solution is perfect , for me
..if you have a domian..or 2 ..( or 28) and you find yourself having to register at every site..
when u hit the form :email
name the email by the site u sign  up:

say you are buying a chair at target.ccom, and when you register ur email address( mandatorily)
use the email:
and when u sign up for free porn:,and so forth….

……And then (it gets BETTER..)go set up a new gmail address(or whichever massive free webbased mail service u prefer)
Then  have all email for forwarded there…
go ahead and try ..and i will let you know how it works out for me.
how come i never thought of this?

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