feel so much happiness right now-slept in -parties were lame. i was very shy as usual and felt awkward at the aids thing-then we left and went to the big party- someone at the first party asked me to go hear their friends band play at the martini lounge..ambrsea. how odd and random. would have liked to have gone and heard them-but i guess that is a bit innappropriate-oh well. hopefully one day i’ll get to hear them play live again.
the 2nd party was weird- all these different levels and we had vip but it still sucked. bad music.
went to eat with leland -that was the best part of the eve, for sure.
picked up mj at the airport this am the went to lunch w/ ws bw etc. funny .
then wewe nt the farmers market and n=bought flowers and i met the coolest lady-started talking about meditation -she was so spiritually tuned in.
now waiting to go to ie’s to go swimming-then bbq