i think i think i think too

much. insomnia, not bad..just periphial worriy and anxiety that is prolly slowly ( or not so slo these last few years..) eating away at my tummy lining..or clustering to form some appendage sized tumour.
hi! Gd morning. nice talk allison.
news style update:
( for my stock taking sanity)
im stuck in my head. mom is still in oc. dlohs home.
he and jk r friends again. thankGd. jk n elfber r enroute back from the vineyrad today.
murph has bad flu.
mom is drunk.
something shady ,it feels like, is going on with my former partners in crime.
30 percent of my anxiety is probably stemming from their odd behaviourz.
i m lonely right now.
not in a needy want be around people all the time annoying way.
just very underslept and overthought..i trully , for the first time in a long long time, feel like i would like to be
getting to know some kickass guy. i mean I KNOW lots of kickass guys…more than most ..But im little sister to all and none of them appeal to me at all..and i never get introduced to any of their kewl friends..cause its awkward being friends w/a girl f,i guess, if your a hollywood pimp like them. and the only other girls you know are dancers and mactress‘s.“LA MODELS’
Its funny the guys that actually are those id like to‘ know‘ahem..perhaps..bibliclly..( we’ll refer to this goup as ‘theSexmen” )
would probably be the best targets to use my-close an personal ree.lay.shawn.shippz with all those aforementioned brotherly types
who ’ll now be known as ’thefamilymen‘-) i, but , as it stands…they all meet at a strip club sum night (