imma git sheet dun

hmm. i feel weird. ( when do i ever not, eh?) i can definetley trace its roots today, though.
Its all this shit flying up since i decided that I would reorganize my financial and ‘responsibilty” style.
As in: take a good, hard (scary) look at everything that comes in and goes out-
and remove the fear through knowledge..(?) and eventually ( as in weeks end) have setup a personailzed, simple system for organizing all these sorts of things in mylife: tasks and bills and receipts and invoices, phonecalls and emails….FUCK- …with the desired end result (hopefullY) being: a far greater peace and serenity within me, ..cause this shit affects me on deep-ass levels- it is my nemisis..I m immobilized and racked with fear whenever it is looming…and i always feel like i need to lie down.
which is what ive tended to do in the past..lie down .
but not of late. im really attempting this full on.
this shit is my last big thing. it ties me up in knots.
i want to be free of all the hidden anxieties in my world.
O k, enough on the problem…what am i doing to transform in this area?
well i ve been inspired by this guy over the last few months..very much. and so last night i downloaded( payed dwnld, btw) this from the GTD guru.

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