my celebrity crushes

i live in a town where all the famous people either live or pass through on very regular basis.
i am a non famous ,canadian girl; i get star struck and have a few crushes on famous guys..becuase of their public swhere it gets interesting( or not)
i live literally in the center oflos angeles ..err Hollwood(btwn la brea + highland, and melrose+beverely)this make sit more like being ina big ass high school,on my first year in gr7 ..knowng the names and affiliations of all the gr 11 and 12 skateboarder boys.just not knowing them
so my chance of comeing across these crushs is fairly allright…but likelyhood of
a)talking to them
B) liking them really, after witnessing their realself..or
4) them even noticing me ,are pretty slim.
but in the interest of boredom, slight loneliness, and better times ahead…and an inbred sense of blind faith i am posting my celeberity crushes here :
kinda stupid n a bit gay