i guess im going to a party this eve.
downtown, even..IN A LOFT..woohoo. big urban nite for me, being the creature of hollywood based habit and all.
it sounds great actually, as ztrip is djing and i love me some ztrip. he is my fav.
he mixxes funny shit.
morty is getting pretty kickass these days too.but back to the party…
nico sent the invites,  sobe x games?
at a loft, and ,as i mentioned ..downtown LA..
ab is coming with, to insure good times.
i hope she’s coming, actually..she was supposed to have been here ages ago. but im just being LA event conscious..
As in :
if too many people are planning to go to an’ll get shut down by the firemarshall..and seeing as everyone i know including neighbours seems to know of the party..well. most wont go downtown, we’ll see.
im bring camera so i ll post pics …l8tr

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