presently overwhelmed

i am presently overwhelmed with thoughts and am attempting to ‘write aboot it’ ..So i cant stop thinking about certain people and i have my platwe full and really cant afford the leasure -ly anxious worry time im so used to dwelling in..I need to focus on present tasks. But…i have this weird energy free floating.. that is making me feel like i am in grade 6 and i found out that derek jazzic rated me a 9 and a half out of ten on the bus ride home.
It was easier then, actually when you could be straight up about what you wanted to know what boys thought of you etc ..straignt up in a directly rerouted via gutsier friends who would ask boys to fill out rating grids on all the girls… which would *directly* inform you if they loved you or not.
i m propsing we bring back this system.
OK:on a scale of 1-10
athelitic ability?
Go ahead and post a comment with the above data filled out.. and ill heart you forevah, homeslice.