reset the pram

my G5 wont start. i may kill . i ran software update slast night . restarted…grey screen… apple logo……spinning …then the fan starts wheezing…revving higher and higher…( ive NEVER HAD A PROBLENM W/ THE FAN SOUND ETC)
so i did all fixes i could think of:

reset the pram ..

started up from startupdisk w/c

same as above w/ external cd drive

t drive on laptop( it came up no prob..?)

damn it all . nuthing the san ebehaviour each time.,

im bummed .

and dangerously frustrated

Then the power in the house blew. all of it.

and did i menton my heat is off..has been for months…gas company visits
were useless.

landlord wont respond.

well one problem just solved;electrician via yellow pages told me today is dooms day

and that the world is ending.

oh, and restored power.

interessant, no?