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How to Format your external to backup your mac

Learn How easy it is to Format (set-up) your external harddrive to start backuping your mac: Open Disk Utility.( Inside Applictaions folder- is Utilitis folder- open to find Disk Utility) The disk utility window looks like this: Select your backup drive from the list on left( mine is the orange one)and click the “Partition” tab.

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Censorship is a good thing – as long as it furthers postbox’s cause.

Macupdate hearts Postbox. after being perplexed at my comments  being deleted on on postboxs’ forums..and  feeling unfairly represented and  voiceless after Sherman Dickman “cleansed” me and other users feedback..deeming it Abusive (it was hardly so)-i had posted  feedback on macupdate’s site, which  i thought was a neutral app updater site for my fellow  mac peoples.. not […]

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Sherman Dickman, ceo of Postbox, deleted my account

Sherman Dickman, ceo of Postbox, deleted my account on their customer support forum – and my posts- for what he has deemed abusive posting. FIrst off, let me say , i have been a freelance web dev/fixer for 12 years-which means i test alot of software and   i am online alotalotalot  -constantly sourcing out […]

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i’m Breaking up with lifehacker

to this here website,(taintme)-The site been the absolute fav/bestEver/ go-to site -barnone. A source of much  inspiration , frequent reblogging and general nerd/hack awesomeness …I’ve found projects that spoke to the hybrid nerd in me ..projects i would actually carry out- start to finish…The site filled a gap that is/was extremely specific to my […]

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Adobe is creeping me out a little.

Apple AND Adobe: both companies are creeping me out alittle. alot Adobe posted this open Letter to Apple : We publish the specifications for Flash — meaning anyone can make their own Flash player. Yet, Adobe Flash technology remains the market leader because of the constant creativity and technical innovation of our employees. We believe […]

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a visual reference to apple keyboard shortcuts

mac essentials

when apple refers to keyboard shortcuts and shows you them using symbols like this:   or    do you feel lost? not anymore:       unlock the kingdom of Key Strokes …see the handy little chart below – a “key” to modifier key symbols you can see in Mac OS X menus:  

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Free Long Distance?

Apparently here its free to call long distance ..with no catch.If you use this or have any further insight lemme now: i got relatives in HongKong And Canada, that can talk and talk and talk…..

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.mac mail is lame

I am , once agin, soo disillusioned by mac and their piece-of-crap-take-a-back-seat-to-ipods mail app. i havent received mail in thel ast few hours.. so i went to the web login .. onlky to find this and the best part.. is this: is this: *note that they say ‘all systems operational’…so freakin microsuc of you mac […]

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yesterday, unbeknownst to me..was aholiday?so due to that fact…and cause i was getting over being sick-i kinda had a free day. it felt like a professional day from school…All kickass open obligation free-timmmmeee..yes. I decided id try out some stuff i had left sitting in wait for a long while…so being the new year and […]

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pretty much my favorite OS

It’s pretty much my favorite OS Deb: What are you drawing? Napoleon Dynamite: A liger. Deb: What’s a liger? Napoleon Dynamite: It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.

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reset the pram

my G5 wont start. i may kill . i ran software update slast night . restarted…grey screen… apple logo……spinning …then the fan starts wheezing…revving higher and higher…( ive NEVER HAD A PROBLENM W/ THE FAN SOUND ETC) so i did all fixes i could think of: reset the pram .. started up from startupdisk w/c […]

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