Sherman Dickman, ceo of Postbox, deleted my account

Sherman Dickman, ceo of Postbox, deleted my account on their customer support forum – and my posts- for what he has deemed abusive posting.

FIrst off, let me say , i have been a freelance web dev/fixer for 12 years-which means i test alot of software and   i am online alotalotalot  -constantly sourcing out cool new apps to help streamline my life and work AND enhance my  clients web experience- i test tons – yet most never go further than a test- So when i actually do purchase an app- i have really thought about it-

The instances of finding great,  buy-worthy “paid” apps-that dont have a free/open-source/shareware counterpart,  is rare.

but when i happen on one that i decide to’s a whole THING..for me.. buying these smaller apps that really are cool and useful:

because  i feel just a little closer to my community. by getting the chance to support my peers-*

cases in point: panic-,rogueamoeba or obdev

And more than not- my user exp. with most purchased  apps /companies has been amazing- so i will continually pay for upgrades-and if appropriate, promote them to clients-

That’s not to say i haven’t  ended up regretting some purchases-I def. have- Yet ,  never once have i felt the need to express or post negativity online about these companies -Until my postbox exp,

But then again. ive never felt  like i was being dismissed- censored and then misrepresented   without being able to defend my points.


below is the post mr.dickman has published on several user forums / boards , answering other postbox customers asking about my and (other users) deleted posts :

Sherman Dickman replied:
thanks for your comments.  We take post deletion very seriously, and it’s something we very rarely do.

People may criticize the product, or disagree with our policies, that’s perfectly okay.  But we draw the line on forum abuse, or when the ethics of the company are questioned as a means to an end.  Not only do we delete those posts, but we also *ask the authors to leave.”

and here are the abusive comments:


( deemed by postbox as forum abuse)

i too automatically updated – to 2.0- thinking this what what i had actually paid for- i paid for this project because i felt it a viable alternative to mac mail-something ive been looking for forever- the fact that it was not free was fine- i didnt mind paying – but i am trully blown away by this policy –

When i purchased postbox- i believe i  should have been  clearly informed before purchase that they would be releasing an upgrade in three weeks-

-that i would have to pay for- therefore giving me the choice to wait  and , essentially, not feel as though i paid to beta test their software for three weeks.

what a shame.

im so perturbed about this – really disappointing – as it seems very shady – especially when a response form postbox basically said- egged me on over this

(sorry the last post got cut off)- i was saying i received an email from postbox support over this issue-basically saying i paid the price of a pizza* for their software- and basically seemed to be very condescending- regarding my perturbed-ness..over being asked to pay again three weeks later-

and to just to back myself up ..( or beat a dead horse)  found this comment from postboxs’ Sherman Dickman, that contradicts my experience:( found )

“we provided one with as much transparency as possible so people can make informed choices.”

nope, you actually didnt.

Forum abuse, eh? wow postbox should get in business with the chinese govt.

*: they didn’t ask me to leave- they sent  an email telling me ‘your user account has been deleted along with all your posts’