Censorship is a good thing – as long as it furthers postbox’s cause.

MacUpdate: Member Profile - Ae Creelman_b4r censorship

Macupdate hearts Postbox.

after being perplexed at my comments  being deleted on on postboxs’ forums..and  feeling unfairly represented and  voiceless after Sherman Dickman “cleansed” me and other users feedback..deeming it Abusive (it was hardly so)-i had posted  feedback on macupdate’s site, which  i thought was a neutral app updater site for my fellow  mac peoples..
not so much-
i logged in yesterday to find all my feedback deleted ,there, too- along with a handful of other users postbox feedback-
seems Sherman Dickman is in terrible fear over my thoughts. funny that.
– I’ve since looked into the macupdate site and found some rather interesting facts about its owner:
(it’s all a little dis-hearteneing and eye-opening)