yesterday, unbeknownst to me..was aholiday?so due to that fact…and cause i was getting over being sick-i kinda had a free day. it felt like a professional day from school…All kickass open obligation free-timmmmeee..yes.

I decided id try out some stuff i had left sitting in wait for a long while…so being the new year and this being Allison vs.2.0(due to my attempt to heed advice from here…i methodically made a little list of things i wanted to try/do ……..

Things did not go quite as planned.

I started with photobooth, because m and i have been trying to play around with our new cameras and printers..talking about getting pictures of eachother .and i hadnt fufilled my end as of yet… So i thought id ‘quickly’ check it out ~ i hooked my canon dvcamera
up to my g5 , and began …..but, somehow, i never got any further…

Basically..i managed to delve deep…. ~into my own narcissism.

I mean…are you kidding with this shit??…i spent HOURS getting just the right shot. Examining every crease and freckle..

creating makeshift tripods
( all being of the completely unstable variety, due to frantic style fanatiscm over getting the right shot….’we’re losing our light hurry’ ….who the hell thinks in phrases like that?? )

.. studying..practicing and posing for a variety of ~’oh! u caught me by surprise(???)’ ~shots…damn.

seriously disturbing behaviour.

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