sooo single

i am frighteningly single maintainent. meaning: no crushes of any depth( ?).. or reality…is more like it.
AND..(thids is whats awful) no foresight into future spots for finding any.potential.. …i mean its awesome fun to go out dancing. or to go to the roosevelt, see people etc..But , i do not meet potential dates at spots like this..its never been like that for me..i always seem to meet people within familial circles..or work.

seeing as i work for 2 married people, thats out.
and all my family of friends are i know all the extended branches of potential single cute boys.
its weird that i feel this ‘lack’ so strongly these last few weeks. I think im lonely. ugghhhh.
i can’t believe i said that. but i believe its true.i know it is..Cause i turn the tv on for noise, which is something that is a tell tale sign pour moi.
fuck. that sucks. i guess this means i must change something in my life.more yoga. yes..but no.
not for socializing.
i dont know.

im bored of myself, because my werk seems to consist of my os, me and my head..and then home is kinda the same. and even though i dont want the past relationships(ahem) back.. i do feel the gapping hole of another person around.
do i sound pathetic? i dont feel pathetic. just …..i dont know.

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