spazmatic sunday

sunday night :the
ballet this evening. the spazmatics dance moves seemed especially choreagraphed and were dazzling. the first set of ‘guest’ dancers were AWEsum.
reminiscent of ..say… ‘melissa ethridge’ types
they were Just up there , rawkin around the band..focusing most of this awesome-ness on( of course)
kevinmy fellow canadian, avril made a guest spot . Although shes kewl and all… this was not even #2 on the highlights..
#2 was the aggressive ‘humping’ of above forementioned lead singer by 4or 5(or 7) of the bands finest fans, during the always rowdy ‘like a virgin’ cover.
None of these girls were acting as such.
In fact
they looked well versed in how to have sex…i guess.
it looked like kevin got hurt , but that could of been pleasurable pain, who knows?
The best part was the front row awesome-ness. i need a camera to document. its trully spectacular.

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