strange day

what astrange day.
life actually.
friday up at jk’s backing shit up ,
got home , turned on pb. ….turned on..
grey screem apple icon and brken circle spinning…did all /every keystroke startup
would boot in target DM on the i was lucky to get th eweek swork .
but i didnt ge tit up and running till this am.
disk mode startup on the g5.then chose system startup and chose 10.3.6 on the pb..i hoped.
then shutdown g5(while still hooked to pb)then put the pb down..sat for 2,6 minutes…thought good thougts .started with C pressed.
and…grey ..screen….then i decided to pee and leave the room to give them ( the macs) some privacy…and VOILA…i am a genius( intuitive, anyway)
it was the eautiful blue mac login window…yeah.
funny though, all my scouring through apple support and so many with the same issue..yet i havent heard a word from apple. either onthe forums or via email.
they reallyare slipping..i dont care what anyone says in their ( apple ‘s) defense..thye are no longer focused on the developer/ the ipod user first last and everthing,……….damn.